People who love luxury are those that love to indulge in rich and comfortable living.  A luxury holiday is therefore one that is characterized by indulging and enjoying rich and comfortable accommodations and amenities.  Basically, this is what a luxury holiday is but this will also depend on what you personally think a luxury holiday is for you. 


The accommodations of your luxury vacation should be all of class from its beds, beddings, bathroom showers and all other furniture found in the spacious and beautiful room.  A luxury vacation will not be complete without food which can be taken in luxury restaurants within or outside the resort, in local restaurants where you can partake of native dishes, pub lunches, or anything that your heart delights in.  Of course there is also time to go out of the room and enjoy the outdoors with different forms of relaxation or physical activities, and some sightseeing of cultural and historical landmarks. Visit for more details.


One of the places that you can consider when you are thinking of going on a luxury holiday is the Costwolds.  This place boasts of its picturesque countryside although it is very near to the capital city.  When it comes to COTSWOLD HOLIDAY RENTAL, there are plenty to be found in the Costwolds.  Different types of luxury accommodations await you and you can choose among these types like classic Costwold stone cottages, boutique hotels, homes on the water edge, and other great places to stay in the village.


The Costwolds boast of their own specialty foods which is now becoming popular among visitors.  The Costwolds is known for their special local products ranging from organic vegetables, cheese, wine and beer, and other farmer's products.  You can find many good restaurants in this place, and gastro pubs, and farmers markets.  In this place, food is very important and that is why we see it in the quality and choice that they offer.



In order to keep up with the luxurious feeling in the area they have spas where the visitors are given great LUXURY COTTAGE IN THE COTSWOLDS options to choose from.  But for those who are more interested in culture and historical landmarks, there are plenty of places to go to like the historic building of Blenheim Palace and William Morris' house at Kelmscott Manor.  You can also take time out to visit their great specialist museums like the Costwold Motor Museum and the Toy Collection at Bourton-on-the-Water.  Festivals also take place throughout the year which includes food and drink festivals, literary festivals and all kinds of music festivals.  For the people who are more into sports activities, there are water sports, riding, shooting, and golf.